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Bosco – My Story

I am Mukiibi John Bosco, 33 years of age. I spent almost 13 years in Luzira Upper prison Uganda, where I enrolled for my further studies and earned a certificate in Business Entrepreneurship and small business from Makerere University Business School.

In 2011, Product of Prison was introduced in Luzira Upper prison with various rehabilitation and reintegration programs. I enrolled in the career guidance skills program where I excelled and started also teaching the same program to my fellow inmates. I was spotted by the then former Prime minister of the Tooro Kingdom, who is also an inmate in Luzira Upper Prison. He requested me to be his private tutor on this career guidance program, which I did. He was so inspired by the program and its content.

Upon my release, he asked me if I can work for his Radio Station in Fort Portal, in the western part of Uganda. He connected me to his son the Managing Director of his properties and businesses and recommended me to be given a job with the Radio Station. After my release, I was given a new phone and transport to Fort Portal where I was welcomed and given a place to stay.

Currently, I am the head of the announcement department and sometimes also the manager of the Station when the Managing Director is away. Am doing well now and expecting a baby anytime from now. This is all thanks to Product of Prison and their programs that am what I am now. I have also offered to teach this same program again to prisoners of Katojo Prison in Fort Portal district during my free time.


In May 2016, Bosco started volunteering with POP. He is now training prisoners in Fort Portal in Career and Reintegration Skills, but this time as a free man and a new dad!