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Why is your support needed?

 Life in Ugandan prisons is hard due to overcrowding, poor living conditions and long pre-trial detention periods caused by an ineffective legal and justice system.

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Rehabilitation and reintegration programmes often have a low priority in the function of African prisons due to a lack of resources, staff shortages and the official and public perception that prisons serve as places of detention, punishment and crime prevention, rather than rehabilitation.

This contributes to high rates of re-offending and related financial and societal costs. After release, former prisoners are often socially and economically excluded.

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With little or no prospects of finding employment, they are at risk of being drawn into a cycle of poverty, re-offending and imprisonment. Finding employment after release is therefore a crucial element in the successful reintegration of former prisoners.

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Your support provides skills, improved living conditions and hope for prisoners in Uganda.

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Around 500 prisoners take part in our projects on a yearly basis in 15 different prisons in Uganda. The majority of the people supported by POP are young people (more than 70 percent is under 30 years old).

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Of the project participants that have since been released, many have been able to find employment or have set up their own income-generating activities.

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