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Story by: Paddy (Jinja Main Prison) 

Whenever my stubborn daughter comes to visit me, she gives me hurting greetings like: “We miss you daddy. How are you here?” She adds: “Mummy greets you, but I don’t know where she is.” Imagine!

For those of you who still have the ‘breadwinner’ at home, please handle him dearly. When a breadwinner is put to prison, the family goes through a lot of challenges: school fees, food, clothing and medication have to be
lacking at home in one way or another, though not necessarily at the same time. You can imagine the difficulty of such a situation.

We serve one sentence, as our dear ones, children, friends and relatives serve the same sentence in grief. Others serve it in ‘doom and gloom’. Our crimes (bad acts) affect our people at home especially, since we are the

Every inmate is missed somewhere and somehow. Whether you are missed and dogs sleep or you are missed and your people are suffering, you are missed.

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Our families share our punishment
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