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“One day a couple of friends came to visit me in prison. You know, I tend to get them to smile rather than wearing such grieving faces. Ironically, it was me who cried that time though.

I tried to obscure the tears when one asked „what really happened?‟ Remembering everything is one hell of a miserable moment. How one merry day ended in a prelude to prison is something that racks my brain. Bearing in mind how journalists wrote slanderously about me, their question dismantled me. I however regained myself and at last, I told them.

I was drunk – so was he. It was late in the night, 3 o‟ clock to be precise. He attacked me over a game of pool we had played. I sought to rescue myself from him, as I ought to, and I managed. Unfortunately, he lost his breath.

I closed my eyes as the girls were in tears, opening them again, mine too were drenched.”

S.F. – Luzira Upper Prison

Humans of Prison
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