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Grace – My Story

Grace is working in our Tailoring Centre and shop in Gulu (Northern Uganda). With the tailoring centre and shop we support the reintegration of the participants of our project in Gulu Prison, by giving the young women temporary employment after release. In the tailoring centre, they can gain more tailoring and working skills and we can help them with their transition back to the community. This is her story.

Refused by husband

I spent three years in prison.Before I was taken to prison I had three children. When I came back home from prison in 2010, my husband refused me and all the children. I found out that my husband had married another woman, and that he had sent the children away to stay with my mother in the village.

Life became very difficult. When I looked at my mother I saw that she was very old. And I didn’t have anything to do. Everything became hard to me.

School fees of my children

Then after one year I went to my uncle for assistance. My father had died in 2009, while I was still in prison. My uncle took me for tailoring course that was in 2011/2012. After I finished my tailoring course I started to rent a sewing machine. I was working at the Verandah of someone else’s shop, for which I had to pay too.

Still life was not easy because my uncle went back to study. He could not give me help. I could get a little bit of money for feeding for a day, but still not enough for paying the school fees of all my three children.

Product of Prison

Then just of recently I met a friend whom I met in prison, who had a chance of being trained in tailoring in prison with Product of Prison (POP).  She told me about POP and she brought me to their office, where I was interviewed. They accepted me to start working with them.

From May 2014 I started with POP. In June I was paid salary and I used the money for paying my girls’ school fee balance for second term. I’m very happy with what Product of Prison is doing, I like the work so much and I feel I have a bright future with my children. Thanks a lot indeed Product of Prison.