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Start Your Own Campaign for POP!

 You can help us provide prisoners with skills and work experience by starting your own fundraising campaign! Yes, that’s right, your own campaign for POP!

Go cycling, run  a marathon, climb a mountain, ask for donations instead of birthday/wedding/Christmas gifts, forfeit your favorite food, grow a mustache, bake cupcakes, bungee jump, have a (dinner) party, break any record, give up smoking, wash cars, sell pancakes, organise a sports tournament, sell the stuff you never use, shave your hair, hold an auction or ……. come up with your own creative ideas to raise money for (former) prisoners and their families!

How does it work?

It’s easy!

1. Go to our JustGiving page (also available in Dutch).

2. Click on “Create your page”.

3. Share your page with family, friends and colleagues.

4. What you’re doing for POP is amazing. Whether it’s a triathlon or a cake sale, the money you raise will make a difference.