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Make A Donation!

Please help us build a better future for prisoners and their families.

How Can I Donate To POP?

Thank you for your support! Donations are vital. We love POP Supporters! We love you!

You can become a (monthly) contributor to our projects:


By making your donation to:

Account Holder St. Product of Prison
Bank Name ING
Account Number (IBAN) NL57INGB0006033558
Bank Address Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Or 2….

By following this link for other payment options

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Why is your support needed?

Many of the people we work with come from poor backgrounds and have had little or no education. Some end up in prison while inncent, others are given harsh sentences for petty crimes or have to wait years for their trial without legal support. Once they are in prison, they stay in heavily congested cells with poor nutrition and very few activities.

When they are finally released from prison life usually does not get any easier: they have no money to restart their lives, their wife or husband is often remarried or they are no longer welcome in their communities and their chances of finding employment are small due to the stimga attached to prison.

How will your money be used?

In our projects, we focus on making prisoners self-reliant by training them in vocational skills, like hairdressing, tailoring, candle making and beading, and by offering them remunerated employment.

To better prepare prisoners for life after prison, we also provide them with training in other important life skills, including computers, job seeking, conflict resolution & reconciliation, problem solving and financial management.

By training prisoners to train other prisoners (train the trainer) we can support many prisoners with a relatively small organisation (we reach approximately 500 prisoners with just four staff members in the entire organisation).

Every Euro, Dollar or Shilling makes a huge difference to the prisoners, and we are therefore very pleased with every donation! A few examples:

• € 5 – A computer skills training for one prisoner;
• € 10 – Course in candle making for two prisoners (in – often lengthy – pre-trial detention);
• € 25 – Training of one female prisoner in hairdressing skills;
• € 50 – One (local) project coordinator for a week;
• € 100 – One month temporary work for an ex-prisoner in our Tailoring Centre in Gulu;

ANBI Information

The Dutch Tax Administration has declared Product of Prison to be an “Institution for the Common Good” (ANBI), donations are therefore tax-deductible (click for more information).