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We are delighted to announce that the AFRIpads Foundation has graciously donated hundreds of reusable sanitary pads to POP, to be distributed to the women we support through our courses in women’s prisons in Gulu, Lira and Fort Portal.

We are incredibly grateful to the AFRIpads Foundation for their generous gift, which will ensure women in prison retain their dignity when menstruating, amid very difficult and basic environments behind bars.

The pack contains 4 reusable pads, underwear and a waterproof carry case.

Prisoners often lack resource for basic things such as sugar or soap, and so purchasing disposable pads is simply out of reach for most prisoners. Many women are reliant on “traditional” methods of managing their menstruation, such as old rags or even leaves.

In addition to receiving several boxes of pads, our staff received extensive training on their use and maintenance which they, in turn, will impart to the prisoners when the pads are distributed. Due to strict access restrictions in prison, this training is not something which AFRIpads are able to do directly.

Willeke (L) from the AFRIpads Foundation provides training for Pamela (M) and Alix (R), to be shared with the prisoners when they receive their AFRIpads.

This gift will make such a meaningful difference in the lives of these women.

Thank you AFRIpads.

Alix, POP’s country manager, receives 5 boxes of sanitary pads from AFRIpads’ Willeke
A gift of dignity for women prisoners
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